CICLO Magazine: New Opportunities in the Financial Ecosystem

To find under- or over-served customers, it is necessary to segment and create groups of customers and multidimensional OLAP cubes, whose needs are not totally solved or who are not happy with the way their specific requirements are met, in order to define vectors and niches or Tribes. In this segmentation we can find, for example, subdivisions such as eco-conscious customers, PANK and DINK, or DINKI .

An important role is also played by the new generations, for example the millennials, i.e. people born between 1980 and 1994. Sociologist Kathleen Shapuis describes them as a boomerang generation, or Peter Pan generation, i.e. an age group that postpones some rites of passage to adulthood.

In the era of big data - approximately 2.8 zettabytes annually - PersonicX, whose analysis is based on segmentations, is able to predict thousands of consumer reactions to certain stimuli. Likewise, Facebook-Acxiom cross-references people's online lives with batch data. On the other hand, Google Location History. Nest Labs, MapReduce and PageRank, which are user location services, use algorithms to recommend stores, friends or know if someone is at home or not.

In a scenario where the wave has decreased in some cases by half, and the risk premium has increased by double, it can be said that we should give a new and warm welcome to the Shopping Basket Analysis in order to increase cross-selling and up-selling, because in this new scenario a new client is very expensive, and betting on an unknown is very risky. In the long run, there will be no more bank branches and paperwork to sign: the new banking must become truly digitalized.

Today, the traditional financial industry is facing a new scenario. If banks wish to maintain their leadership in the financial business, they must understand that the ecosystem they inhabit is changing overwhelmingly. The entry of competitors such as Google, Apple or Facebook is expected to have a market share of about 30% in the coming years, which would amount to a level 8 threat to the financial ecosystem.


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