Decision Engine

It fully manages the credit risk model of the Bank or financial institution, performing a real-time control of the three fundamental pillars to achieve revenues objectives, according to the risk appetite of the corporation.

Evaluates individuals and companies, generating models of Risk Tier, Risk to Price, Score, Exclusion Policies, integrating all relevant sources of evaluation in Latin America.

Manual Cluster, Machine Learning, AI to define attributes of the credit offer: Rate, Term, Quota, Amount, Etc.
Definition of Risk to Price by portfolio nodes that allows generating clusters of equal profitability, up to TMC or appetite of the institution.
Evaluation Trees by Machine Learning, AI or expert knowledge, for automatic and instantaneous Approval, Rejection or Gray Zone. Allows to generate lines, credits or other offers accurately.
Generation of Artifacts as SP in DB, of any variable, for complex and autonomous programming, by users, from models of RLB, RN, SVM, Etc.

Value Added

Manages credit risk, evaluating individual policies and in the aggregate, in order to accurately mitigate the credit risk of each operation and of the portfolio as a whole, to meet PE and Revenues goals.


Resolves by type of branch of decision trees by approving or rejecting, incorporates scoring applicant and behaivior.

Manages credit limits, times rent, times profit, terms, instalments, fees, rates.

It allows simulations of Risk to Price commercial campaigns, determining PE and BAI.

The Champion/Challenger On Line or Off Line module allows the adjustment of policies immediately or by portfolios.

It allows the inclusion, hierarchisation and procedural evaluation of all types of decisional rules and policies based on demographic, bureau, debt, income, percentage share, financial ratios and other variables.

Calculates NPVi of the portfolio by cluster, to generate differentiated offers by PE, generating optimal iterated rate.

Generates workflow of credit evaluation processes, managing the different evaluation trees, according to type of channel, product or sales agreements.

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