Behaviour Scoring

Development of Behaviour Scoring

Find the probability that a product enters the non-performing portfolio.

Assigns a risk level in the credit monitoring process.

Identify customers with high profitability.

Assignment of Ratings

The Behaviour Score seeks to predict the probability that a product already granted will become part of the entity's delinquent portfolio. This score assigns a level of risk in the credit monitoring process based on the credit information contained in the entity's databases, such as consumption, payments, etc. and therefore helps to make better decisions in the dynamic portfolio management processes.

Types of Behaviour Scoring

Behaviour ScoringClassic Version
Manage with total accuracy the sales projection of your sales executives, know the quality of your customer prospects, do more and better business by improving CROSS SELL and UP SELL of your customer prospects and new customers.

Customisation hh hh
(Start up) [2] [3] [3]

Monthly blackboard price
(Unlimited use of licences and unlimited use of consultations) [1] [1].


USD 8.000,00


[1] Technical operation of the platform, backups and maintenance in Expert Choice environment.
[2] Maintenance and operations contract for one year.
[3] Java language development.

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