Intelligent Files

Intelligent Files

Management system for credit operations, factoring, leasing, consumption, confirming, etc. in the commercial, risk, legal and operations process. Allows entry and validation of financial information and establishes lines approved by companies. Validating in an intelligent way; validity, validity, of all the documentation or loaded data.

RIB (Account Header) generation for all your credit, multi-product, multi-currency and multi-country subjects.
Approval flow with credit status grid, pending, returned and resolved. Control of attribution levels by amounts (Parameterizable in the system).
Financial data entry functionalities: Balance sheets, EERR, Fecus, other complementary information.
Warning of validity or lack of documents, according to amounts, lines and/or levels of approval or type of legal entity or individual.

Value Added

It intelligently manages and organizes your documents and data, making them accessible at any time and from anywhere, integrated with your company' s Workflow to optimize response times and control all stages of the evaluation process of a credit operation.


The information is stored historically, making it easy to search for audits at a later date.

Quick search of stored documents by DNI, operation, among others.

Automatic assignment of responsible according to established parameters (product, company type or others) or manual assignment through the system administrator.

Workflow configurable depending on the type of document, product and type of procedure required.

It allows for online monitoring of each of the stages.

Allows you to restrict access according to profile, portfolio, assignment.

Reporting module with graphical reports, allowing drill down to the indicators to visualize more detailed reports.

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