Data Hub

Web services generation platform that integrates information from different bureaus and information sources, and delivers differentiated WS according to the needs of each area or process of the company.

Scraping model for the generation of information from public information sources.
Allows to generate Input and Output of Web Services managed by the client.
It is integrated to the credit bureaus of all LATAM; Sinacofi, Transunion, Equifax, Sentinel, Aval, Credit Bureau, Circulo de Crédito, Nosis.
Also to data sources such as Previred, to third party sources such as Corfo, TGR, Chile Proveedores, Pjud, SII, Sunat, DIAN, SRI, Bankruptcy, Concursal, Penal, Ofac, PEP, Gesintel.
Dashboard with access to reports that provides details of the requests (or active connections) to the web services consumed by the client, with filters by source of information and date.

Value Added

Facilitates the automated and secure processing of information. Integrates all the necessary information for your company's processes, generating differentiated WS according to the required process.


REST API interface that provides standard to connect any system using HTTP.

HTTPS protocol: communication protocol that protects data integrity and confidentiality.

Allows the storage in your own data center or On Premise, of the data model of any On Cloud application.

SSO with OAuth2 and JWT: security protocol in API environments.

Allows the exploitation of data in an autonomous way, generation of Data Mart, Data Lake, with all the data used by the evaluation systems.

Allows total autonomy for the generation of input or output APIs for each application within the organization.

Data Hub Demo

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