Self-service portal

Self-service portal

100% web platform, for the autonomous attention of the clients of your business: They will be able to operate exactly as in a physical branch, customized for all Latin America and for the businesses of Consumer Loans, Automotive Loans, Factoring, Confirming, Leasing, Renting, Collections and others. It integrates with Detional Engines, AI tools, Etc. In order to present to your customers, offer, counter-offer, the most appropriate operation, mitigating customer risk. It also allows digital On Boarding and the improvement of operations through FEA.

System for digital On Boarding, Resolution and Remote Formalization.
Online and real-time interaction of your customer, with all your company's systems, integration with AI responses.
Allows you to upload documents in all formats, upload customized information, for all types of financial operations.
Online and automated business resolution, statistical modeling of responses, customer clustering and optimization of operations.

Value Added

Reduce the time and cost of operations with your customers when applying for Consumer Loans, Automotive Loans, Factoring, Confirming, Leasing, Renting, Collections and others, effectively attend 24×7 all your operations. Increase sales, reduce risk and reduce your operational errors to zero.


Allows you to create online requirements and track them.

User front-end with clear steps and business validation functionalities.

WS connection to internal and external sources of information required to complement the application.

Multi-country, Multi-product and Multi-currency.

Integrates with company websites, access to account statements and online payments.

Multi-languages can be enabled so that customers can converse with your support team in their preferred language.

Customizable according to your policies and workflow

Capture of required information according to the client's request.

Integration of digital certificate and/or electronic signature to perfect operations.

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