AI Solutions

Facial Recognition Rekognition
Based on Artificial Intelligence for digital identity verification, it facilitates the incorporation of image analysis and identification documents, to be used in digital on boarding processes, signing of credit documents or to avoid fraud and scams.
Video Calling Platform
Reliable and encrypted peer to peer communication infrastructure (Similar to Meet, Zoom, Etc.), with AI functionalities for minutes generation, accountability and tracking In one platform combines chat, video meetings and file storage.
Telemedicine Platform
For medical centers, clinics or other health entities, it allows scheduling, telemedicine, patient records, schedule of hours, management of available hours, fully omnichannel and plug and play integration to all your systems, AI integration with all channels of communication with your patients.
Chat with AI
Conversations with AI in the channels; Web, WhatsApp, SMS, Emails and Social Networks, accurate and error-free conversations with your customers. Effectively reduce your call center executives by more than 70%, control the fulfillment of business goals in real time.
Psychometric behavioral scoring
Reduce the risk of fraud with advanced behavioral analysis based on metadata obtained from your website with AI. Obtain and analyze user behavioral information in real time to determine levels of scolarity, suspicious form filling, etc.
API Score uncollectible losses
API Score to help the financial industry to better predict and manage the credit risk of unbanked customers, we use advanced statistical AI techniques, through predictive variables generated from alternative data sources and / or public use.
Strategic Supplier Evaluator
Bid and quotation management platform for your large suppliers, analyze with just one click; payment, operational, reputational and subcontracting risk. The main factoring, automotive finance companies, banks, telcos, etc. in Latin America trust their decisions in our Marketplace.

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