Market Analysis

Market Analysis Development

Market research.

Increasing sales and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Characteristics for the design of growth and penetration strategy.

Assess the market before investing in the development of a campaign.

Market research is a method that helps you to know your current and potential customers. By knowing what your customers' tastes and preferences are, as well as their location, social class, education and occupation, among other aspects, you will be able to offer the products they want at the right price. The goal is to increase your sales and maintain customer satisfaction to achieve customer preference.

By means of a set of statistics, graphs and reports, the market potential is dimensioned, considering the distribution of the target population with respect to the company and its competition. Detailing market segments, showing the characteristics and indicators necessary for the design of the growth and penetration strategy.

It combines company variables with market variables. It considers the geographical distribution of the target population and the geographical distribution of the competition and its customers.

It allows to assess the market potential before investing in the development of a campaign.

Cross Sell

The first technique, cross-selling, has been booming with the increase in Internet sales. In online shopping, companies often keep records of consumers' preferences or habits, either by their own declaration, which is advisable, or without express consent. This allows the online shop to implement its cross-selling strategies for future visits by the consumer, or potential consumer.

The benefits to the customer are the efficiency and leverage of using a single supplier for multiple products. The benefits to the vendor are increased sales and increased customer loyalty, as the cost of switching by the customer is higher.

Up sell

Up-selling is a sales technique whereby the customer is offered a more advanced and sophisticated product or service in line with their evolving needs. Up-selling consists of selling a higher-end product or service, i.e. updating the product or service by adapting it to the customer's new, more complex reality. In order to successfully implement up-selling, it is necessary to know the customer in depth and to have an effective database or CRM. Each contact with the customer is a source of valuable information to find out how their needs and level of satisfaction are evolving.

Comparison of Market Analysis Techniques

Credit SystemClassic Version
Manage with total accuracy the sales projection of your sales executives, know the quality of your customer prospects, do more and better business by improving CROSS SELL and UP SELL of your customer prospects and new customers.

Customisation hh hh
(Start up) [2] [3] [3]

Monthly blackboard price
(Unlimited use of licences and unlimited use of consultations) [1] [1].


USD 15.000,00


[1] Technical operation of the platform, backups and maintenance in Expert Choice environment.
[2] Maintenance and operations contract for one year.
[3] Java language development.

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