Sales Machine

It manages the entire Sales Funnel at all stages of the commercial workflow, which through trigger sends commercial scripts to customers, omnichannel (SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Etc.) According to programming, responds 24×7, allows profiling customers, purchase propensity, income levels, generating the most appropriate product offer, integrates with all sales channels, web, rrss, Etc.

It qualifies each prospect, evaluates their propensity to close, calculates relevant ratios for the exact profiling of the credit product to be offered.
PipeLine Business Management.
It manages decision trees for the administration of commercial follow-up management, as well as the most appropriate channels and scripts for shipment.
Statistical projections by executive portfolio, zones, aggregate and total. Control of commercial goals, generation of campaigns, offers and their validity, in real time.

Value Added

It allows for accurate customer segmentation, management and automated follow-up, allowing for minimum staffing of sales executives.

It reduces tracking errors to zero, standardizes sales processes, parameterization of response times and also allows omnichannel tracking of each customer contact.


It administers management priority on each customer, according to propensity score and customer debt service.

Adjusts business closure projections, controlling compliance with commercial goals, based on statistics and time series.

On Cloud and asynchronous administration of the management of all the FFVV.

Integration with email services, RRSS, Whatsapp, Etc. achieving a total management of all the leads of the institution.

It allows the automation of all the stages of the commercial funnel, making it possible to respond to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Allows remote operations, evaluation, granting and formalization.

Sales Machine Demo

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