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Digital Bank Latam Aprimin

Latin America's largest financial technology innovation meeting. The event brings together on the same stage the leaders of the main companies in the country's financial sector, outstanding ...

PIPELINE risk magazine article and Sales Machine

Enterprise software solutions with a focus on credit control and management.

Expert Choice in advertising media

Presentation of Expert Choice products and services in various advertising media.

Cover of Credit Risk magazine

Cover of Credit Risk magazine November 2014

Interview on Radio FM, ERP Crédito, CRM and Pipe Line.

Listen to the full interview here : Audio Interview Rodrigo Álvarez and Mabel Gutiérrez: Date: 2016-03-02 "Interview with our LATAM Expert-Choice Management Team".

Interview "Ciclo de Riesgo" magazine

Rodrigo Álvarez talks about the "Impact of the Insolvency and Re-entry Law" (LEY No. 20.720).

Sponsorship of Risk and Credit Seminar

Sponsorship of a Risk and Credit seminar at the Radizo Hotel.

Interview in Ciclo de Riesgo Colombia magazine

Interview with Rodrigo Álvarez in the magazine Ciclo de Riesgo Colombia about SVM models for Applicant Scoring.

Credit interview in Revista Técnicos Mineros

Specialised interview with Rodrigo Alvarez in Crédito in Revista Técnicos Mineros.  

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