Author: sjimenez

Credit interview in Revista Técnicos Mineros

Specialised interview with Rodrigo Alvarez in Crédito in Revista Técnicos Mineros.  

Expert Choice in advertising media

Presentation of Expert Choice products and services in various advertising media.

Superintendency of Insolvency and Re-entrepreneurship

Sponsorship of a seminar held by the Superintendencia de Insolvencia y Reemprendimiento (Superintendency of Insolvency and Re-entrepreneurship).

Seminar on Credit Risk Colombia.

Seminar on Credit Risk Colombia, Expert Models.

Credit Risk Seminar, AAP

Credit Risk Seminar, Automotive Association of Peru

The Square Metre - Go911

Liven up your morning in this conversation with Pablo Zúñiga and Nicolás Larraín.

ExpertFactor Ecuador, a Tantauco Group company

Officially becomes the sponsor of the women's football team.

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